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2017 to INFINITY





FAST 1nc. Limited is an automotive driven lifestyle brand that is deeply rooted in the shop & at the track. The apparel line has rapidly become a staple at race tracks and events across the country & is regularly seen in the biggest automotive TV shows & YouTube channels.

The idea of FAST 1nc. Limited was born while attending various automotive events around the country. Looking around at the tens of thousands of people, there was no apparel that stood out from the crowds; everything looked the same. Two years were then spent learning how to turn a vision into reality. The tee had to be breathable on them hot ass days in the shop & at the track & it was imperative to only source the highest quality blanks. Most importantly, all this shit needed to be designed and manufactured in house. It all came together in spring 2019, when FAST 1nc. Limited released its first tee and changed the game.

We turn our own wrenches around here, as a hobby and passion, so it only made sense that the same hands would make F1L. Every single item is designed in house, using F1L original photography and/or artwork as the centerpiece. This creates a unique & seamless connection from producer to consumer in that every single item comes straight from FAST 1nc. Limited, onto your back or wall. Days are spent building some of the cleanest & meanest cars & nights, manufacturing the finest automotive apparel. A benefit to this is that every item you see on the website is in stock & ready to ship. You will never receive a drop shipped item or print on demand product. 

Up to this point, F1L has never spent a penny on adds or marketing, & the reason why is simple… because dope sells itself. The F1L logo doesn't get put on just anything out there & sales is not the only goal. Only products that we ourselves would wear get made, and the rest organically works itself out. Enthusiasts choose F1L for the unique designs, the fit & finish, & the quality of the blanks & materials.

FAST 1nc. Limited is best known for the edgy styles and not being afraid to go against the grain. You won’t catch F1L following trends or what’s poppin’ on the facepage. When it comes down to it, what you see is what you get; a brand that genuinely walks the walk & does things our own way. 

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